TL105 Electric Tailgate Lift Firmware

Please get the firmware for your TL105 auto tailgate lifter by email –

TL105 Firmware Update Instruction

Step 1. Download the firmware, decompress the file, there will be two files like this picture.

TL105 electric tailgate lifter firmware
TL105 electric tailgate lifter firmware

Step 2. Copy the above two files into root of an empty MicroSD card (FAT32 / 1GB-16GB).

Step 3. Open the tailgate (rear door).

Step 4. Disconnect the power of TL105, insert the firmware card into SD card slot like this picture.

TL105 SD slot
TL105 SD slot in yellow circle

Step 5. Connect power, TL105 tail gate lifting system will upgrade firmware automatically, the whole process will take 3-5 seconds.

Step 6. Once succeed in upgrading, you will hear be. be. be. sound continuously, now remove the SD card.

Step 7. Close tailgate(rear door) manually (not via remote or control buttons), system will be initialized and sound will be gone. Done!

Attention – Same as the first time installation, once firmware updated, you need to perform the step 7 to initialize the system, otherwise the system won’t able to work properly.

TL105 Firmware –

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